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One Direction - Summer Love (Official Music Video) 2013

One direction (Summer Love -Official Vdeo)

Super cute band <3_<3

One direction

Im a 1D fan not super big 1D fan but i would like to say "if they are going out with someone respect them and dont be rude it may be your opinion but.... it may hurt their feelings and the a bad 1D fan way of saying your happy for them no matter what! Hope you learn from this


One Direction 2

One directon has the greatest songs the cutest faces the way they are is what you love like the way they sing your addicted to their music and them just try to live with your expectations and dont let one direction down be there for them and dont let them know even if you hate their relationships dont let them know you are down because their relationship because you are a DIRECTIONER! show that 1D love and let them have their true love flow into them and let them have a nice day without dis-respect and torture of their relationships it is painful for them already


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