All zat lovely Bromance

There are alot of 1D bromances going on, here's a list of them

Larry Stylinson: The most popular 1D bromance, Harry and Louis

Niam: Niall and Liam

Zirror: Zayn and Mirror

Niando's: Niall and Nando's

LiLo: Liam and Louis

Zarry: Zayn and Harry

Ziam: Zayn ans Liam

Nouis: Niall and Louis

Zouis: Zayn and Louis

Narry: Niall and Harry

Ziall: Zayn and Niall

Lirry: Liam and Harry

Larrots: Louis and Carrots. Zourry-Zayn,Louis and Harry

Levin: Louis and Kevin

Feel free to add any other bromances and leave comments. :-)