His favorite animals are cats.
  1. Probably had the most unimaginative pet name: he named his hamster Hamster. (Go figure)

    harry styles

  2. His favorite color is green.
  3. Is a month older than Justin Bieber.
  4. Sleeps naked (YUMMY! :D)
  5. His man-crush is Louis (oh wow!)
  6. Doesn't date older than 44 (why?)
  7. Met Louis in the bathroom.
  8. Louis makes him cook.
  9. He shares a house with Louis.
  10. Has 4 nipples (Ew.....)
  11. Wants to shave his head (NOOOOOOOO!!!!!)
  12. Once dated a 32 year old woman.
  13. NOT a virgin (obviously).
  14. Likes girls "with blue eyes and a pretty face".
  15. His dream valentine is Louis.
  16. Youngest in the band.
  17. Has an 8.66 inch "man part".
  18. Doesn't date younger than 14.
  19. Once slept naked with Louis.
  20. Will cry if you straighten his hair. (It's so CURLY!!!!)
  21. He is the woman of the band.

There's more but I can't remember them.